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Activated Carbon for Water Treatment feed

Activated carbon is one of the most effective media for removing a wide range of contaminants from industrial and municipal waste waters, landfill leachate and contaminated ground. As the most powerful adsorbent in the world, it can cope with a wide range of contaminants. Different contaminants may  present in the same discharge and carbon may be used to treat the total flow, or it may be better utilized to remove specific contaminants as part of a multistage approach.

As with potable water,Songshan Activated Carbon has a dedicated reactivation facility that handles industrial grades of spent carbon. If required, the spent carbon can be returned and kept segregated – custom reactivation or the carbon can be taken from and returned to an industrial pool of carbon.

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Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

This series products are made from high quality virgin coal, it is used for water treatment, solvent recorvery, chemical, purification and as catalyst carrier. Characteristics: Large surface area, large absorption capacity, high hardness 
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Wastewater Treatment Powder Activated Carbon

Wastewater treatment powder activated carbon uses the coal, coconut shell, nut shell, wood and etc as raw material, is processed by experts developed, and has a long history and experience of wastewater purification. 
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