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Coal Based Activated Carbon feed

Coal Based Activated Carbon

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767Injection Activated Carbon/ Oral Medicine Carbon

Medicine (injection) activated carbon uses natural high quality loose miscellaneous charcoal as raw material, and is produced through the process of high temperature activation, acid-washing, rinsing etc. 
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AC For Water Purification

The product uses the top-quality coal as raw material. It is carefully made by advanced technological equipments. It looks like some columnar dull-black granules or adventitious granular. It is a kind of activated -charcoal with many characteristics. 
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Air Purification Activated Carbon

Air purification activated carbon uses the materials with higher carbon as raw material such as coal´╝înut shell, wood, bone, petroleum residue and etc. The product is produced through professional activating treatment to form abundant micropore. 
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Coal based Purification Activated Carbon

Water purification activated carbon is mainly used for the manufacturing equipment filling, dechlorinating, reducing oil, purification of city life drinking water, purified water, distilled water, ultrapure water and etc. 
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Coal Columnar Activated Carbon

Coal columnar activated carbon uses high quality anthracite as raw material, and is produced by advanced technology. It is black columnar and has the advantages of logical pore structure, good adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength. 
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Coal Crushing Activated Carbon

Coal crushing activated carbon takes high quality bituminous coal from Xinjiang with low ash and low sulfur as raw material, which is made through crushing, screening, carbonizing, catalyzing and activation radioactivation. 
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Desulfurization Coal Activated Carbon

Desulfurization coal activated carbon owns advanced mesoporous molecular, is used for chemical synthesis gas of chemical raw materials gas, purification of Pharmaceutical industrial gas, beverage carbon dioxide, purification of inert gas. 
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Impregnated Activated Carbon

Impregnated activated carbon uses granular coal-based activated carbon with high adsorption property as raw material, and is produced through dipping of the alkaline solution. 
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