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Wood Based Columnar Activated Carbon

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Wood based columnar activated carbon uses high quality sawdust, coconut shell as raw materials, and is produced through crushing, mixing, extruding, molding, drying, carbonizing, activating. The columnar activated carbon has lower ash, less impurity than traditional coal columnar carbon, and the CTC dominates.

It is mainly used in gas adsorption, organic solvents recovery( benzenes gases toluene, xylol, acetone recovery in acetate fiber industry, CS2 recovery in fibranne producing, etc.) and removing impurity and harmful gas, this technology has achieved first-class level in China. The CTC adsorption capacity of ordinary 4mm activated carbon just achieves 60%, and not more than 70%. But the CTC adsorption capacity of our factory’s 4mm wood columnar activated carbon can achieve 100%. The product can completely replace the imported products.

Product originality

Wood based columnar activated carbon uses proprietary non-bonding molding activated carbon technology to change the traditional binder molding method of using coal tar, starch and so on. It
does not contain binder ingredients, and completely depends on affinity between the carbon molecules and the special properties of the material itself. Using scientific formula, the adsorption capacity of the advanced carbon pore structure is full displayed and effectively to avoid blocking carbon pore.

1. The service life is 4—5 times of the ordinary coal activated carbon.
2. With high adsorption and desorption capacity, thus the solvent recovery rate can be
greatly improved.
3. With high strength and low ash, and the pore diameter distribute reasonable.
4. High cost performance and suitable for organic gases recycling of all kinds places.
5. High ignition and safety in use.


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