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Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

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Coconut shell activated carbon: grade refining
3.desulfuration, decolorization
4.Through ISO9001:2000

Coconut shell activated carbon:

Product description:

Coconut shell activated carbon use the high quality coconut shell as raw materials, production technology refined through series made of black granular appearance. It has enormous effective surface area and its characteristic structure enables a high pressure environment and can be recycled easily.

Product advantages:

1) developed pore structure

2) large specific surface area

3) strong adsorption capacity

4) high mechanical strength

5) renewable etc.


1) Widely used in living, industrial water treatment, environmental protection, vapor phase adsorption, solvent recovery, especially suitable in electric plants, petrifaction, refinery ,food, beverage, sugar, wine, electronic industry, drinking water, pisciculture, marine ,industrial waster water, living waster water treatment etc.

2) Effectively adsorbing dissociative chloride, hydroxybenzene, sulfur, oil, colloid, pesticide hangover, other organic pollutant, oil precursors of THM from water.

3)Also applied for industrial tail gas purification, decarbonization,  denitration, petroleum catalyse, gas separation, PSA, air drying, food keeping fresh, gas mask, removing dioxin, accelerant carrier, home decoration, car tail gas purification, nuclear electric power radioactivity pollute gas adsorption, distinct purification, filtering , recovery, refining function on industrial organic solvent such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde ,gasoline, diesel oil and etc.

Main Specification:


Test Data


Test Data

Patical Size, mm


Iodine Number, mg/g

1000 min

Hardness number

99 min

Apparent density, g/cm3

0.53 min

CCl4 Activity, %

45 max



Moisture, %

4 max

Surface Area, m2/g

1100 min

Ash, %

3 max

R value

42 min


99 min

K value



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