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PRESS RELEASE-Songshan Activated Carbon Factory

Wood Based Columnar Activated Carbon

Wood based columnar activated carbon uses high quality sawdust, coconut shell as raw materials, and is produced through crushing, mixing, extruding, molding, drying, carbonizing, activating. The columnar activated carbon has lower ash, less impurity than traditional coal columnar carbon, and the CTC

Main Raw Materials of Activated Carbon

The main raw materials of activated carbon almost can be all the organic material with rich carbon, such as coal, wood, shell, coconut, walnut shell, apricot shell, dates shell and so on.

  These materials are converted to activated carbon through high temperature and certain pressure.In the activation

Main Elements of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is maily composed of 80-90 percent of carbon which makes activated carbon a kind of hydrophobic adsorbing material. Except of carbon, it also includes other two kind of elements, one is elements of chemical combination, primarily consists of oxygen and hydrogen which are chemical element

Petroleum Chemical Decoloring Activated Carbon

Petroleum chemical decoloring activated carbon is made from high density nut shell  and refined by physical method.

It can be used to deal with the decolorization, purification, water treatment problems in petrochemical industry, It also can be used to remove the harmful substance of oil. Used as catalyst

Wood Shaw Activated Carbon

Wood Shaw Activated Carbon uses high quality sawdust and charcoal as raw materials and is produced through scientific method. It is black with no prison or smell, and has the advantages of large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, fast filtering speed, high decoloring purity and etc.

Sound Absorption of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon can be used for air and water treatment. Sound energy is found within air , water and activated carbon can be used to absorb that energy. With its high degree of porosity in each activated carbon granule, sound energy has large areas to enter into and be converted to heat. With the
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